The Bourne Identity RiffTrax Released!

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, have released their RiffTrax for The Bourne Identity!

Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar place, unable to recall where you live, what you're doing there, or even your own name. Now imagine for the first time in your life it wasn't a direct result of your downing eleven pints of Guinness and then agreeing to do a Lemon Drop shooter with Jimmy T., Spleef, and Hondo the night before at Durty Nelly's.

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American Beauty. That amazing film that introduced me to Chris. After that film, things would never be the same again. Whilst my friends were writing out their first names followed by "Bentley" or "Spacey", I was in love with Chris. I love older actors, you see; and Chris played an incredibly complicated character in that film. I am very happy to have found a LJ community dedicated to him.

[Edit] Oh, and when I learn how to make LJ icons (which will come after I've saved up £600 to buy Adobe Photoshop) I will definitely get busy making some Cooper icon goodness.
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From "Capote"

Capote just opened this weekend. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm going to try to see it sometime this week. Chris plays Alvin Dewey, a Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent. He's the head of an investigation in the murders of the Clutters family in Holcomb, Kansas (1959). It seems like an interesting, though dark, story. Based on a true story too.


Hello! *waves to everyone on the group*

I'm new here!
Well, for introduction, my name is mita and I'm from Indonesia.
I like Chris Cooper since, well, Adaptation. No, actually not because the character
from the movie. It was the night he got his first Oscar.
I liked the way he talks and moves when he received the award.
I did watch Lone Star before and I got a little crush. but then I was
a bit forgot about his "presence" until the Oscar night.. ^_____^v

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After I watched Lonestar I was hooked. I can't wait to see more of his incredible work. I am mostly an old movie buff, but Chris Cooper is timeless. Anybody else here ever written him? I wrote him a fan letter, short and sweet and sent it to his agent. Who knows if he'll even get to see it, but hope springs eternal.


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Hey, I'm new here :) It took me forever to join but anyway...

I can't really recall the first movie I ever saw Chris on, I know I became a fan after Adaptation and I love him ever since, in every single thing he does.

So...hi there!